Monday, July 13, 2009

Common misconceptions regarding Twitter

Many people don't understand Twitter. They think that it's rather silly to tell people that "you're going to the bathroom" or that "you're about to eat a hamburger for lunch." Is that what Twitter is about?

Twitter may have originated with many people broadcasting trivial things as they go about their day, but it has evolved immensely into a powerful social broadcasting platform for people who have blogs and businesses. Twitter is being used by some major organizations, including professional medical societies, medical publishers, hospitals, and government agencies. You don't have to Tweet using your mobile phone or smartphone. I mainly use Twitter from my PC.

People may still have some misconceptions about Twitter because of what they hear on the news. However, I'm starting to hear the word "Twitter" appear more on television and radio stations. Have you noticed that too? In order to really understand Twitter, you have to try it for a few weeks. You won't understand it in a day. However, if you try it for about a month and use it regularly, then I think you may slowly start to realize the power behind Twitter.

Start by following some interesting people (like me @DrJosephKim). Click on their links and see what people are talking about. Warning: you may get addicted to these micro-conversations that occur on Twitter, so Tweet responsibly.

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