Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Are Your Non-Clinical Interests?

Have you ever considered pursuing a career that is driven by your hobby? Dr. Arnold Kim left his nephrology practice to be a full-time blogger about Apple computers. He may not be a passionate writer (maybe he is), but he certainly is a successful businessman.

I know a physician who left clinical practice to pursue a career as an artist. Another person I know left the world of medicine to be a school teacher. Clinical medicine can be very stressful and some people simply choose to find careers that are easier on both the mind and body. If you can afford to work for less income, then you may find that a non-clinical career is much more enjoyable. You won't get the satisfaction of saving lives and making a direct impact in the lives of people, but you may also have less stress and fewer worries in life.

My non-clinical interests are in technology, the outdoors, music, gadgets, writing (blogging), and education. I spent many years tutoring students and I work in professional health education. In my job, I get to combine my passions for education, technology, and writing.

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