Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Best Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

This is a guest post written by: Meredith Walker

The Best Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

There are hundreds of people who go through medical school only to discover that they don’t want to be doctors. And there are others who are interested in healthcare but do not want to practice medicine or become specialists. In such situations, there are attractive alternatives that they can choose from in order to stay in healthcare without being a doctor. The best non-clinical healthcare jobs are found in the fields of:
  • Healthcare administration: If you’re good at managing people and systems, this option may just be your cup of tea. You could further your knowledge with a degree in business administration and then use this combination of medicine and management to go up the career ladder in healthcare administration. Most hospitals are always on the lookout for people who have a thorough knowledge of both the medical and administrative fields, so if you’re able to put your skills to good use, you could make a name for yourself and earn good money.
  • Healthcare education: If you like working with students and have an affinity for teaching, you could try the world of academia. A degree in pedagogy would help, as would experience in being a teacher and explaining concepts to students. You could either take up a full-time job at a college or take on consulting assignments as an expert in your field.
  • Healthcare consulting: There are various aspects of healthcare where expert knowledge is required. For example, you could offer your knowledge and expertise towards the creation of electronic medical record systems (EMRs), for the development of medical applications for technological gadgets, and so on. There are various apps being written for the iPhone and other smartphones and handheld devices like the Palm PDA. The developers are programmers, but with the help of your medical knowledge, they can make the applications and systems more suitable to the field of healthcare.
  • Healthcare technology: If you have an affinity for technology as well as a background in medicine, you could try working in the field of healthcare technology where machines and systems that aid in the practice of medicine are designed and manufactured.
Whatever your choice, you need to ensure that you have an affinity for it and the desire to work in the particular field before you take up a position in the non-clinical healthcare industry. Only then can you make a success of it.

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