Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fundamental Business Skills: Creating Successful Teams

I often meet physicians, medical students, and other healthcare professionals who are interested in non-clinical careers but they have no corporate work experience. I try to encourage medical students, residents, and practicing physicians to look for educational opportunities to gain some important fundamental business skills.

In the corporate environment, you're often working in very large teams and collaborating to achievee a common goal. It may remind you of those days when you're a senior resident and you're managing an intern and a few medical students. However, in the corporate world, the interpersonal dynamics can be very different from the hospital setting (where you're often mixed into different teams each month and you have frequent team member turnover).

Columbia Business School has a free webinar on the topic of "Creating Successful Teams." This one-hour complimentary webinar is a provided through Columbia Business School Executive Education and will be available on Wednesday June 10, 2009 at 1 pm Eastern. Here's a snippet from their website: "Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to manage teams more creatively and successfully—skills that are particularly important during difficult economic times.:


  1. Hey come on--in medicine we only learned to work in teams.

    We are the model that business could only wish to be.

    When the only decision is life or death--we are the ultimate team players.

    the fact aht business and financial models have failed and we still have it going on-go back to the first line of this email COME ON!!

  2. I agree that corporate America has a lot to learn from the healthcare model. However, we've also met many physicians who lack strong interpersonal skills. They may be great doctors, but they'd struggle in the corporate setting.