Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enhancing Computer Skills to Become a Better Job Candidate

If you're considering a career switch into the non-clinical world of healthcare, I'd encourage you to invest some time and energy to enhance your computer skills. We now live in a mobile era where digital technology is ubiquitous and you will be expected to keep up with everyone else in the office. This means that you should get comfortable working on a laptop (or notebook) computer. If you've always had a desktop PC at home, consider getting a laptop so that you're familiar with some of the basics:
  • How do you turn on/off the wireless radio?
  • How do you connect it to a projector?
Of course, you'll also want to brush up on Microsoft Office. Office 2007 is quite different from the earlier versions (like Office 2003, Office XP, etc.). Finally, get very proficient with e-mail. You may not have an iPhone or BlackBerry now, but be prepared to use one if you join the corporate world of pharma/biotech/medical devices and other major healthcare industries. You may not carry a pager, but you'll probably be carrying something that's even worse (you may have no idea if you've never carried a PDA/smartphone).

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