Saturday, April 25, 2009

Non-Clinical Moonlighting

Moonlighting was both a movie and a television show in the late eighties. I never watched the TV series, but I often think about the life of physicians who do a lot of moonlighting. Many residents moonlight so they can pay their bills and enjoy some entertainment in their lives. I used to be the king of moonlighting when I was a resident. I lived in the hospital all the time. My sense is that there are a growing number of physicians who are looking for some non-clinical moonlighting.

So where do people begin? Busy clinicians want to spend time with their families and they don't want to be bothered at nights or the weekends. What types of non-clinical opportunities are best suited for those who wish to continue their day job and moonlight in the non-clinical world? I hope to provide some insights into some opportunities over the next week.

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