Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earn Money by Blogging

You've probably heard that you can make money by blogging. It's a great non-clinical opportunity if you enjoy writing. But how do you get started? What type of blog should you create? Can you make more if you write a medical blog? These are some of the questions that I often get asked.

Blogging can be a hobby (that may result in some supplemental income) or it can be a full-time career. There are people who have left six-figure salaries to go into full-time blogging. Remember the story about the nephrologist Arnold Kim who left his clinical practice to be a full-time blogger?

Blogging is a great option for retired physicians and other healthcare professionals who enjoy writing about different things. Keep in mind that the largest revenue generator are advertisements. However, there are other unique opportunities if you capture the right audience with your blogs.

To get started, I suggest that you use Blogger on Google. It's free and easy to create a Google account. Plus, after you create your blog, you can use Google Analytics to see what type of traffic you're getting on your blog.

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