Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do You Twitter?

I admit, I haven't been a huge user of Twitter. However, I've recently been bitten by the Twitter bug and I've started to explore the world of Twitter. If you care to follow me, then click here:


  1. Your blog is just awesome. There is such a huge audience for this information. When you write the "Non-Clinical Medical Jobs for Dummies," can I contribute a chapter? Keep up the great work.

    ToniMD in NY

  2. ToniMD, thanks for the props. I'll certainly let you know when I get to publish a book like that.

  3. Actually, I'll confess that I want to sit down to write that "Non-Clinical Medical Jobs for Dummies" book. I'm a doc interested in transitioning to a non-clinical career and I'm finally finding this whole community after feeling this way for a number of years. I stumbled on a reference to a few days ago, clicked through straight to your 3/22 post on 10 non-clinical avenues for docs to pursue, and since then one link has led to another and I'm seeing the community out there of docs in my shoes! As I read more, I'm motivated to actually write a book about this world and the possibilities. I know there's a huge desire out there for this resource, which it seems to me is mainly online at this point. I used go to the medical section at bookstores looking for something about non-clinical stuff for docs and it was never there. Do you know of other good books on the topic that are out there already that I can check out? I know of the one from 1996 by AMA, but that's ancient. Also saw one by a Dr. McLaughlin. Is it ok if I shameless network through your blog? Do you know of any publisher that I could contact about doing such a project? If this book is ever written you'll be referenced big time!! Hope I'm not being to pesky! ToniMD in NY