Thursday, May 15, 2008

Leaving the Bedside: The Search for a Nonclinical Medical Career

In 1996, the AMA published "Leaving the Bedside: The Search for a Nonclinical Medical Career"

So much has changed since 1996. In many ways, I'm surprised that more books on this topic haven't popped up over the years. Several have, but not nearly as many as expected. Why hasn't the AMA updated this book? There should be a 2nd or even a 3rd edition by now.

Could you write a book on this topic? It's such a diverse topic because you can go in so many different non-clinical directions.

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  1. i looked into writing an updated book for non-clinical jobs for physicians. the only company i asked about publishing ( was very interested and was willing to give me a cash advance to write a couple chapters and then go from there. i never got around to it as i got too busy in clinical medicine, but i'm sure the opportunity still exists for anyone who wants to try and make a run.